3 Months in Shànghǎi

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Using Your Cell Phone in China

  When I landed in Shanghai, I had a locked AT&T iPhone 4. Meaning that I was on international roaming and could not use a local carrier as my service provider. My aim is to explain how I was able to make my iPhone work on China Unicom’s network.  I also hope to provide  some information which may be helpful regarding  getting your phone to work in Shanghai.

  My first issue was how do i unlock my phone. iPhone gurus would recommend to jailbreak and then subsequently unlock ones’ phone. One issue my iPhone was one of the models that you could not unlock. So from an early stage I thought I was out of luck, but as Wayne Gretzky said ”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t  take”. So I persevered and searched the internet for solutions. To my surprise i read an article on the net about how AT&T would unlock a customers iphone if they met certain criteria. 

 With the Wayne Gretzky attitude, I contacted AT&T support and inquired about getting my iPhone unlocked. I was astonished, they said my iPhone was eligible for unlocking and it would take one week for instructions to be sent to my e-mail on how to unlock the iPhone.

Well a week later I received instructions in my inbox on how to unlock my iPhone. I unlocked the phone following their instructions and went to buy a sim card for the iPhone. 

To do this these are the things you will need

Phone: Make sure you know what kind of sim card you need Micro-Sim or regular Sim

Money:  anywhere from 120-600 rmb  or $18-$94 [All depends on the Plan You buy]

Passport: If you sign up at the China Unicom office you will have to present your passport

  I first stopped by a small store selling sim cards and quickly realized that they only sold regular sim cards and my iPhone needed a micro sim. Of course you can go home and cut out a micro sim, but if it breaks then you have to by a new sim card. Also because of the language barrier I was unsure how many minutes and how much data I was getting. 

  I had heard that China Unicom has the best 3G network and best user experience for iPhones users. So I went to the China Unicom office located near the Huangpu river in Pudong. The staff there worked hard to help me and showed me the different plans and rates. The pre-paid plan i chose had almost  two thousand minutes and 2 gb of data. I knew that I would be on the phone a lot over the next few months and would need a lot of data as well. 

 There were different plans as well, some only for calling and texting. I would primarily be calling and use the internet so I chose that one. Furthermore they included 14 rmb of text messaging  at the rate of .1 rmb per sent text so 140 total.  The cost was 600rmb or 94 USD. 

So far i have been very happy with China Unicom’s service. I have service everywhere in Shanghai and my 3G data speeds have been extremely fast. Data rate are always between 1.5-4.5 Mbps.

Other Good to know information:

 You can buy a sim card many places without showing your passport but if you go to the China Unicom office you have to

 If you have an unlocked phone from abroad you may need to change your carrier settings to get your data to work.

If you need more data i believe you can get 1gb for 100 rmb 2gb for 200mb 

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   While walking around Kerry Center and taking in all of the modern architecture I spotted a restaurant by the name of Johnny Moo. From a distance I could see that it looked like a diner spread across an open space. The bright neon sign was so bright my camera gave up trying to capture an image.  As I sat down, I was greeted in a prompt and polite manner which has been consistent with my other experiences in Shanghai. I briefly glanced at the menu and knew I wanted to try the Johnny Moo 10oz cheeseburger (fries included) and a chocolate shake. The server or Fúwùyuán in Mandarin had a question.

She asked politely
"How would you like your burger done?"

  I responded quickly but reluctantly with “medium”. The thing is when you order something to be medium, sometimes it can be too rare. I was worried that the chef would send me a rare cooked patty.

   Minutes passed and before I knew it my meal was sitting infront of me. I took a sip of the chocolate milkshake and immediately I was impressed. The shake was not too thick requiring a vacum cleaner, neither was it too watery like melted ice cream. One look at the burger can make even the heaviest of eaters uneasy. It’s pretty big, and comes with lettuce, American cheese, onions and a tomato slice. 

  The burger looked great, but did it taste good ?
                 In one word… Absolutely! 

  One bite, and one’s palette is bombarded by flavors of animal fat and exquisitely prepared beef which are complemented by the fresh cheese and vegetables. They made sure to prepare it to specification, making sure it was a nice pink medium not a red rare.

  I continued to enjoy the burger, fries and shake all the while enjoying the stainless steel diner like decor which  transported me to a simpler time.

 All in all I would highly recommend Johnny Moo to anyone who enjoys a high quality burger. I would recommend coming there on a weekday evening, as that is when there aren’t many people out in Shanghai.

Contact info:
Address: D.No 3219 Hong Mei Road.Shanghai
Tel: 51579198

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A Toast- Blue Frog Shanghai!One of the best Iced Teas I have ever enjoyed, both cups have Blue Frog’s signature Passionfruit iced tea. The burger below was also enjoyed , all in all a great meal on a hot day! http://www.bluefrog.com.cn/home

A Toast- Blue Frog Shanghai!

One of the best Iced Teas I have ever enjoyed, both cups have Blue Frog’s signature Passionfruit iced tea. The burger below was also enjoyed , all in all a great meal on a hot day!